Paleo Snacking

The first thing you think about when you make the decision follow the Paleo Diet or the Primal lifestyle is all of the things you will now give up.

Giving up grains means no more bread, donuts, cookies, pie, cake, crackers, popcorn… the list is too horrifying to continue.

Giving up sugar means no more candy, chocolate, soda, cookies, pie… again too horrifying to continue!

Giving up potatoes means no more fries, chips, potato skins, tater tots… are you sensing a theme here?

Well before you give up on Paleo completely and head down the closest aisle of bad decisions, we’ve put together a list of some Paleo friendly snack options for those of us who just need something to munch while we watch tv or hang out with friends.

The aisle of bad decisions

The aisle of bad decisions

Paleo Friendly Snack Ideas

  • Berries – cherries, strawberries, blueberries, etc.
  • Nuts – almonds, cashews, pecans (remember no peanuts – peanuts are legumes not nuts)
  • Fruit – any kind but we particularly love apples sliced with a wedge of cheddar on top
  • Eggs – hard boiled eggs and deviled eggs make great snacks
  • Veggies – veggies and dip is a classic snack
  • Cheese – if you’re not avoiding dairy, a few ounces of good quality cheese is a satisfying snack
  • Kale Chips – baked kale chips – sounds weird but surprisingly good!
  • Beef Jerky – preferably your own homemade jerky not store-bought jerky filled with nitrates and additives.
  • Pork Rinds – preferably your own homemade pork rinds
  • Chocolate Covered Bacon – chocolate covered bacon – I had to say it twice ;)

For more Paleo Snacks Mark’s Daily Apple has a great post on Paleo Snacks which includes quick recipes for Primal Veggie chips, Primal Trail Mix, Better-Than-Store-Bought Apple Chips, Blueberry “Candies” and more.

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